Young Scientist Award

The Young Scientist Awards serve the purpose of recognizing outstanding presentations of early-career scientists during CSBSP9. Awards will be given for 1 oral presentation and 1 poster presentation. Oral and poster presentations are judged separately for a more equal comparison among competitors. If there are 4 or less entries in either category, oral and poster presentations will be judged together and 2 awards will be given, regardless of type of presentation. Young scientists will be asked if they are willing to participate in YSA during online Registration. The awards are given based on specific criteria, and not affected by the presenter’s academic status, ethnicity, gender or country of origin. Winners will be determined based on the highest mean score in each category (oral or poster) as judged by an appointed jury. In the event of a tie, the score with the smallest standard deviation will win. In addition, there will be a third award, selected by the audience.

The awards will be announced before SBSP General Assembly, Friday 23, April 2021.

Eligibility of candidate:

1. The Young Scientist Award competitor (the candidate) must be a member of the SBSP with membership fee paid at the start of the CSBSP9.
2. Must be a student (for defining ‘student’, any education is considered).
3. Previous winners of the award are not eligible but runner-ups are eligible.
4. Candidates must register to conference and submit an abstract (website
5. If the poster or oral presentation is co-authored the candidate must be the presenting author.
6. The presentation must represent a body of independent or joint research in which the candidate’s contribution has been substantial.
7. The candidate can enter more than one abstract for the Young Scientist Award.

More information can be found HERE

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