Golden Flea Award

After successful Golden Flea Award photo contest, which took place at CSBSP8 in 2019, we are happy to announce, that it will also be organized during CSBSP9! Join the contest by simply sending us the photos (max. 2 photos per participant) of any (scientifically accepted) parasite in pdf, jpg or tiff format. You must hold the copyright of the photograph. Before submitting the photos, contestants shall register to the conference and pay the registration fee. There will be 2 categories: artistic and scientific.

Artistic – Pictures in this category highlight the amazing world of parasites! Pictures showcasing creativity and perspective will be rewarded in judging. Think like a free-living parasite (stage)!

Scientific – Pictures in this category highlights the beauty and science of parasitology. Pictures showcasing specific anatomical structure, other identifying features, and/or the parasite itself will be rewarded in judging. Think like the parasite nerd you are!

Photos will be judged in two manners.  A bouquet of hand-picked competent judges will evaluate the photos in each category according to specific criteria. The audience will also choose their favorites from each category.  A first and second prize judges award and a first and second audience award will be given for each category.  First prize will of course be THE GOLDEN FLEA. Second prize will be a sur-prize!

The deadline for submission is April 1, 2021.


If you are submitting one photo, please fill in the fields which has “no 1” in the field title. If you are submitting two photos, please fill in all fields.

By submitting a photo to the competition, you agree for SBSP to publish it on its website and post it on its social media channels for promotional purposes. Name of photographer is always included when a photo is used.

Winners of Golden Flea / Bed Bug Awards 2019

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